Top 8 Social & Conversion News sources

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Where do you turn to when you want to know the latest happenings in the world of Digital Marketing? Do you have a particular favorite website? Is it reliable and truly up to date? The Digital marketing industry moves rapidly ahead, you may never know when you fall behind. join hurricane digital agency and make your business a better.

.Conversion Rate News\

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It is not easy to find news sources that are specifically dedicated to the field of conversion rate optimization. Thankfully we came across these blogs where you will find some valuable updates in CRO.


 The blog section of optimizely.com is impressive, to say the least. If you want to know the latest in CRO trends and get a good knowledge of this field, this site should definitely be your go-to- resource. You will also find high-quality content on A/B testing and optimization here.


 If there is one news source for conversion which you shouldn’t ignore at all, then it is Unbounce. They have the Oil gardener whose blog posts are colorful & witty, they are useful as well as entertaining; not to forget, they have one of the best content on CRO.

03.The Daily Egg:

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 This is another amazing blog on CRO owned by crazyegg.com. The frequency and quality of their blog content are consistently high as they regularly churn out a wide range of content related to CRO. The Daily Egg (blog.crazyegg.com) is highly recommended to all who want to be updated with CRO.

Social Media Marketing News

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04.Social Times:

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 Now renamed as Social Pro Daily, it is a sub-section of adweek.com. But still, it gives out quality content from the perspective of advertising regularly, a rarity in today’s world even if the popularity of social media advertising has increased tremendously. A lot of social media marketers value the knowledge they get from here, hope you too!


Buffer (buffer.com/resources) has now become an integral part of the world of social media. They first made people notice them with their radical approach regarding corporate transparency, now they continue to raise the bar with quality social media content and on trending topics, they give some amazing insights.

06.Social Media Today:

 If you want to know the site where the latest social media news breaks out the first, then it is socialmediatoday.com. They churn out some insightful content beyond their hard news coverage. This site has become an indispensable companion for many social media marketers worldwide with its trustworthy, quality, and updated news of the social media world.


 The famous Mashable website was launched in the year 2005 by Pete Cashmore from his home in Aberdeen, Scotland. It has grown to one of the best marketing and internet giants having a following of millions of people on its social media. No other site competes with Mashable when it comes to the latest news and developments in the field of social media.

08.Social Media Examiner: 

One unique property about socialmediaexaminer.com is that they not only post news about social media, but they also give some actionable tips on that. This combination makes it essential for every social media executive to bookmark this site and also read it every day in the morning without fail.

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