11 Tips To Make Your Customers Fall In Love With Your Business

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For many customers price is not always the deciding factor when choosing between your brand and competitors. As long as you offer good value, other features become key to the decision making process, such as the power of your brand, the attractiveness of your website, your quality of service and other intangible factors.

So how do you attract customers, and more importantly how do you persuade the customers that you have to stay with you? How do you make consumers fall in love with your brand and keep coming back for more?

Hopefully, after you read this article, you will know the answers to those questions and you will be better equipped to make decisions that will ultimately result in you sweeping your customers off their feet!

1. Appearances will determine your success.

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Every interaction you have with a customer is important.  Whether it is a shop front, a website, a phone call, a business card, a delivery person, an advert or a vehicle speeding past.  Each interaction needs to be professional, polished and consistent.  Make sure that you are putting your customers first by creating engaging two way communications that delight your customers, so much that they will talk about you to others.

2. Always listen (carefully) to what your customers are saying.

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You are no longer talking at customers, you are talking with them. And it is time you truly started to listen to what they have to say. Your clients and customers are the backbone of your business, and not taking their feedback into account may cause backlash.  If you show you are listening and implement the things they ask for, they will love you for it.

3. Customers are always right.

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Even if they are not, make them feel this way. A study found that 73% of consumers love a brand because of friendly customer service. Remember that customer relationship building begins on the front line. Ultimately customer retention doesn’t happen in the boss’ office, it happens with the people who face customers every day. So keep your patience, and serve with a smile.

4. Always over deliver.

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Deliver value beyond the functionality of your products or services. Go above and beyond what your client is expecting. Fascinate them by showing them how you are going to make their lives better.

5. Know thy customer!

Knowing your clients’ names and preferences would be perfect. However depending on the volume of your client base that may prove tricky. That is why, you should invest in a database. If you pay attention to what your clients are telling you, they will feel significant and appreciated, and would start to see you in a different way. After all, let’s be honest, isn’t that what we all want – recognition, validation and respect.

6. Work on building deeper relationships.

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Even when you have finished working directly with them, keep in touch. Send out email newsletters and updates. Get the conversation going – address them personally and acknowledge them.

7. Always follow up.

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Follow up timely and often.  Keep arrangements you have made. If you have promised to do something at a certain time (e.g. deliver something by Friday), do it. Do it earlier if possible. And if you can’t deliver what you have promised on time, let the customer know.

8. Strive to make people happy.

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There are no neutral interactions. At the end of the day, you either leave someone a little bit worse off or a little bit better. Strive for the latter option. Give customers a better experience. If you give people a reason to come back they will.

9. Put your customers at the heart of your business.

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The place of clients is at the centre of everything you do. Truly understanding your customers and delivering what they want is what drives success, what keeps them coming back and ultimately, what will make them fall in love with your business.

10. If there is some kind of an issue, resolve it immediately.

If you have a customer with a problem, resolve it immediately. Nothing makes a customer feel more valued and important than when you drop everything to solve their problem.
In the spirit of over delivering and exceeding expectations, here is one more extra tip!

11. Reward loyal customers.

Offering free goods, discounts and special buying opportunity to regular customers shows them that you value their custom and keeps them coming through the door. And of course, it keeps them loving your brand!  There is nothing more annoying than large discounts for new customers, whilst loyal, long serving customers get nothing.



Always try to be friendly with your customer, don’t be hash to them be nice, kind and be cool with them always accept that what ever they say is right. and always feel as if you are a boy to them but don’t too take your self down be be cool to them.

Start putting these to work today and we guarantee you will start to see results, plus you will feel better and more motivated about doing more and more for you customers.

Don’t forget to let us know what you think below.

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