How To Target Wealthy People With Facebook Ads

Why You're Spending Too Much on Facebook Ads (And How to Change It)

How to Target Wealthy People with Facebook Ads using different Facebook targeting criteria.

How to Master Facebook Ad Targeting & Zero-In on Your Audience

For most Digital Marketing Professionals, how to target wealthy people with Facebook Ads has been one of the most challenging aspect of their job. Conventionally, Facebook users are considered to be the most solvent audience among other social networks. 

They are older and have a higher income level, as well as the amount of an average purchase check carried out online.Certainly, there are some cases where it’s necessary to advertise on Facebook the products and services that have the value on top of the typical or the premium services that not everybody will be able to afford.

And then the issue of finding the right audience is thrown into sharp relief.

In this article we will consider different ways on how to target wealthy people with Facebook ads in the Facebook Ads Manager, as well as the criteria of solvency for each of the ways. They are the following:

  1. High-end device users
  2. Frequent International travellers
  3. Small business owners
  4. Office workers of class «A» business centers
  5. Residents of housing communities
  6. Online — buyers
  7. Engaged shoppers
  8. Luxuries fans
  9. Restaurants lovers

Notes:1.  All the mentioned below is equally applicable conjointly to Instagram users because the setting of advertising platform for Instagram is meted out within the Facebook Ads Manager.2. The reach totals for the every thought-about methodology square measured shown on foundation of the Facebook Ads Manager automatic placements.Figures will vary if you specify solely Facebook or solely Instagram, etc. as the placement.

High End Device Users

iPhone 6s and Nexus 6P both are high end devices. These devices ...

Facebook can hatch which device (computer or phone) and of which brand (Apple, Samsung, Techno, etc.) a user login into a social network with. In such a simplest way, we have got a chance to reach owners of devices of a specific brand as we are mostly interested in the owners of Apple phones per campaign objective. 

Perhaps, targeting the iPhone users, is the most popular solvent audience finding. Everything is straightforward: if a someone has an iPhone which means that he has funds. Hence, a good method to target wealthy people with Facebook Ads.

And, it must be confessed, that such an attitude is working also in other countries (for example, by means of targeting iPhone owners after many unsuccessful efforts I managed to get first sales  promoting cosmetics for ladies with the cost above the average in United States).

However, to every advantages comes with a disadvantage. And targeting iPhone users is not different. Due to the fact that, this setting on the solvent audience has such popularity, the final price of a click at the advertisement is much higher than the average. In other words this kind of targeting is overheated as competition is high.

Also, you should noted that not every iPhone users are big spenders. An iPhone can be purchased on credit as an indicator of status or for prestige. As an add-on, while targeting, try to also focus on the owners of recent and penultimate phone models. As a rule, it gives good results.

How to settle

Let’s review options available in Facebook solvent audience of New York residents of both gender and owners of the recent iPhone models. In the targeting settings we choose «Behavior — Mobile device user — All the mobile devices of this brand — Apple», and then we should choose those iPhone models the users of which we are interested in. At the moment of writing of this text the recent and penultimate models of iPhones are:

  • Apple iPhone X
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • And iPhone 7

Furthermore, in the geo targeting section, we select New York. We set lower age rate on 25 years old, as people younger than this age have significantly lower purchasing power. Higher age rate we do not limit. We will indicate them as local residents.

how to target wealthy people with facebook ads

Based on the targeting, we get the solvent audience of New York residents with an estimated potential reach of 1 400 000 people.

Facebook audience size

Frequent International Travellers

10 Signs That You Are a Frequent Traveller | OneSimCard

Why we are interested in frequent international travellers? That is right! This is a powerful criteria of solvency. If a person frequently travels abroad, that implies that he can afford it.

Facebook always tracks its users by analyzing a huge amount of data.

For example, tracking GPS-location and IP-address from which a user comes online Facebook understands that if this data is the same within 2 weeks in the evenings this location is a house of this particular user.

Also, the mechanism of frequent international travellers detection is working. If a user has gone abroad several times for the recent half a year (in accordance with the data of GPS and IP-addresses from which he entered Facebook), in this case this individual is accorded the status of a person who regularly travels abroad.

How to settle

Let’s review the number of all the Facebook users in Warsaw older than 25 years old who have been abroad for recent half a year.

In the detailed targeting section we choose «Behavior — Travels — People who regularly travel abroad». Then, specify a city and a lower age rate.

how to target wealthy individuals with facebook ads

This results in an audience of Warsaw residents that frequently travel abroad with the potential reach of 190 000 people.

Facebook Audience meter

Small Business Owners

How to write a press release for your small business - Advisory ...

As a rule of thumb, successful businessmen are people with steady stream of income. There is an huge opportunity in Facebook to target business owners or class of individuals who owns of small business. By means of this targeting we can find those users that pointed that they are owners of small enterprises or have Facebook pages of small enterprises.

Still, this Facebook Ads Targeting method has a few downside because of which the audience that we get will be rather narrow.

1. Not everyone who owns a small business point in Facebook the fact of ownership.

2. Not everyone who owns a small business have pages of enterprises in Facebook.

However, this kind of Facebook audience targeting has its right to exist and it is obligatory shall be tested.

How to settle 

Let’s target all the Berlin residents within the ages of 25+ years old that highlighted in Facebook that they owned small enterprises.

In the detailed targeting settings we choose «Behavior — Online actions — Owners of small enterprises».

how to target rich people with facebook ads

This gives an estimated audience of 58 000 people.

facebook audience meter

Office Workers of Class «А» Business Centers

How Britain could benefit by bringing workers into the boardroom

Business centers of class «А» differ from business centers of other classes of high level of rental rate. Location, repair quality and infrastructure allows landlords of these business centers to hold maximum rental price and those companies that rent premises in such business centers can afford it.

We are interested in targeting workers of the companies that rent offices in expensive business centers. Perhaps, the salary level in such companies is above the average. That is why workers in the offices of class «А» business centers we will be consider as a criteria of solvency.

How to settle

In search engine, search the phrase «class «А» business centers» in “your city” is possible to find web-sites of real estate agencies that provide offices for rent in such business centers. On the web-site of the agencies you find list of business centers with addresses. We take these addresses and deploy them for geo targeting and on a map around the pin that shows the address we outline the radius of 1 km.

As an example, we will find all the office workers of Moscow-City business centers with the age of 25+ years old.

Then, in the detailed targeting settings on a map of Moscow we will mark with a pin a region with the coverage of 1 km. In such a way, we are able to include all the skyscrapers of the Moscow-City business centers into this radius.

how to target affluent people with facebook ads

This gives an estimated audience of 88 000 people.

Facebook Audience meter

Residents of Housing Communities

The 5 Factors of a 'Good' Location

Income rate of the housing communities residents are predominantly above the average. Families that live in housing communities own one or more automobiles. The fact of living in a housing community is almost an absolute criteria of solvency.

How to settle

Firstly, identify address of housing communities and districts with private houses near your geographical location.

If necessary, we can also sort out housing communities in accordance with the class of residence to enable us deploy audience segmentation with the targeted audience in accordance with the income level:

Elite-class — executives of huge companies, top-manages of enterprises, owners of business;

Business-class — business units supervisors, private entrepreneurs (owners of medium-size business).

Economy class — middle-rank managers, highly qualified specialists.

Therefore, we take necessary addresses of housing communities and use them for geo targeting putting pins on a map and outlining the required radius depending on the area of the communities.

As an example, let’s find the residents of the housing communities near Moscow

In the detailed targeting settings we will input pins on a map and choose the required radius of the territories. We have got such a result, but if required, you can expand the area of coverage.

how to target wealthy people with facebook ads

Let’s set the minimum age target to 25 years old. It is important to point in targeting that we target local residents (or as Facebook calls them «living in this place»). The result of the solvent audience we get is 27 000 people.

Facebook Audience meter

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Online Buyers

B2B Online Buying: 68% of Buyers Make Purchases Online - Business ...

One more criteria of solvency linked with purchases — the unique interest of a user to online shopping. Facebook determines user’s interest to online shopping through certain actions such as likes to advertisements or internet-shops pages in Facebook. This could be products or services. 

How to settle

As an example, let’s review available in Facebook solvent audience of Paris inhabitants (females) older than 25 years old who are fitness enthusiast and are interested in online shopping

In the detailed targeting settings we choose «Interests — Shopping and fashion — Shopping — Online shopping».

how to target wealthy people with facebook ads

Set lower age rate of 25 years old, narrow the audience with the help of the setting «Interests — Fitness and wellness — Physical Fitness» and get the audience of 430 000 people.

Facebook Audience Meter

Engaged Shoppers

8 Strategies to Help Retail Stores Better Engage Shoppers in the ...

Targeting online buyers as highlighted above is amazing and often works very well but all the same this is method of passive buyers targeting who just show interest to available offers, but do not carry out desired actions. How then can we target directly wealthy people with Facebook ads who are ready to make or who are already making some purchases (Facebook ads engaged shoppers)? That is right, Facebook Audience targeting has a behavioral response which is called involved buyers.

Facebook users who in the last week saw an advertisement of some of online shops and pressed the call for action button “Shop now” are Involved Buyers. They are users that made a purchase, as well as those who went to the online-shop website to study an offer get here.

How to settle

Let’s review available in Facebook target audience of involved male buyers from Russia with the age of 25–34 years old that last week in the advertisement clicked the button “Shop now”.

So, in the detailed targeting settings we choose «Behaviors — Purchase Behavior — Engaged Shoppers».

how to target wealthy people with facebook ads

Then set the gender to male, age of 25–34 years old and get the solvent audience result of 270 000 people.

Facebook Audience Solvent

Luxury Fans

Luxury retro logo collection | Free Vector

Luxury is a market segmentation of luxury items and lux-premium services. Consumers of luxury items, beyond all doubt, are buyers with high buying capacity. Hence, there is an opportunity in available to Facebook Advertisers to target the audiences showing interest to the luxury products or services.

How to settle

Let’s review available option in Facebook audience of female buyers from Los Angeles with the age of 35–55 years old that show interest to luxury items.

In the detailed targeting settings we choose «Interests — Shopping and Fashion — Shopping — Luxury goods». But remember that this criteria is not behavioral. The implication is that this kind of targeting includes those users who are interested in the offers of pages that represent luxury-brands and those who are subscribed to the pages of such brands.

how to target wealthy people with facebook ads

Also, set gender to female, age of 35–55 years old and get the solvent audience estimation of 370 000 people.

Facebook Audience Meter

Restaurants Lovers

Lovers Communicate At A Table In A Cafe. A Man And A Woman Have ...

A marketing research was published few years ago in accordance with which during the crisis consumers reorient on fast-food. But when the economy on the up grade restaurants are visited more often. We can deploy this strategy on Facebook Advertising to target people who have shown interest to restaurant offers, checked in or are following their pages.

How to settle

There are two(2) segments under this targeting «Restaurants» in Facebook and it is important for us not to mix it up. The first targeting option that comes to mind could be find in such a way: «Interests — Food and beverage — Restaurants». It includes such subcategories as:

  • Coffee houses
  • Snack-bars
  • Quick meal restaurants
  • Fast food restaurants

From these subcategories above, we could be interested in coffee houses. However,  it is worth focusing directly on restaurants. Neither drinks nor fast food but exactly the restaurants.

Furthermore, to achieved this, in the detailed targeting, we will write in the text field for targeting search a word «Restaurants» and we will see exactly those with intent for: «Interests — Additional interests — Restaurants».

Let’s review available in Facebook audience of restaurant female visitors from Barcelona with the age of 25–40 years old who do not like fast food.

In the detailed targeting settings we choose «Interests — Additional interests — Restaurants». Then we further exclude from the targeted audience fast food lovers: «Interests — Food and beverage — Fast food restaurants».

how to target wealthy people with facebook ads

Set age of 25–40 years old and get the solvent audience of 400 000 people.

Facebook Ads Insight


Your Strongest Guide, Tips, and Essay Conclusion Examples

We have considered different marketing strategies on how to how to target wealthy people with Facebook ads. These strategies are built on different types of targeting:

  1. Demographics: sex, age, place of living, visiting of definite places in the city.
  2. Behaviorals: users of mobile devices of a definite brand, regular abroad travelers, owners of small enterprises, involved buyers.
  3. Interests: luxury items, restaurants lovers and specific interests that are relevant to us.

Most noteworthy, you can combine these types of targeting to get the solvent audiences in accordance with the required criteria.

Make the audiences that you find more specialized in accordance with the key parameters. Also, exclude inconsequential ones from the solvent. The aim is to get the final coverage more specific and more intended.



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